Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gap Between Insurance Coverage

It's the end of the summer. Many graduate students have graduated and their student insurance is expiring. Some have a job lined up for September. Some are still searching. They finally have some free time after working hard in graduate school. So they come in at the last minute for a full physical to get STD and cholesterol checks, as many refills on their prescriptions as they can get, a quick referral to a specialist, or rid of a nagging problem they've had for the past 2 years. But I have to finish treating them in 1 week because they don't have insurance after that. Oh but wait, maybe we should hold off on too many tests because it would find a pre-existing condition before they got their new insurance. Plus, there are those 2 weeks between their current insurance and their new job insurance. They are not allowed to get sick in those 2 weeks so maybe I can give them some Tamiflu, just in case.

I'm just tired because three of my patients today fell into that category and I ended up far too long with each, putting me an hour behind. I'm usually not behind.

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